To prepare for Lent, I would take the 40 Days to:
1) Read and meditate more on the spiritual readings, such as the Gospel, and many more books as recommended by others. Hope to focus on the teachings of Jesus, his Passion, and also various individuals characters who encountered Jesus before, during, and after His resurrection, pondering on their reactions and the significance.
2) Set aside more quiet time for prayers, as praying is interacting with God, who’s my Father/Brother/Teacher/Mentor. Enjoy the moments together as a family, conversing my joy, hopes, worries as God is the only most trustworthy listener, who always stand by me.
3) Generously share my love, time, possessions with those in need. If I look around, I will notice I am much more fortunate than a lot others. Besides, I honestly do not require much material goods to lead a good and healthy life.
4) Make extra effort to be kind and patient to those whom I don’t like. I will try to give away more smiles.
5) Will try to fast more frequently. It is not easy when my family members do not fast, and I tend to forget so often. Fasting is the minimum and the easiest I believe can do. It doesn’t cost money (and even save on food expenses too), only need the heart and will. If I’m unwilling to do just this little, I doubt if I could do any other meaningful works.

There could be more I can do, will keep my eyes and ears open along these 40 days’ journey.