If past celebrations of Lent had been mere routines and spiritually unfruitful for you, this first-ever FLL 40-Day Lenten Retreat will make sure the upcoming one is an experience you will never forget!

Using the Parable of the Sower theme, the FLL 40-Day Lenten Retreat:

  • enables God’s word to take root in your heart
  • helps you grow closer with Christ, and
  • empowers you to grow in personal holiness

No matter which one(s) of the four spiritual conditions of the parable you are in, this retreat will transform you to become a Farmer of Hearts.

The daily reflection consists of:

  1. One leading question that encourages you to evaluate your current spiritual mindset as it relates to the parable.
  2.   A guided reflection that ends with a prayer.
  3.   One concluding question for your further reflection during the day.

Not a time-consuming exercise – You will spend only 10 minutes a day to do a very simple but enlightening daily reflection.

What will happen during the 40-day immersion – Noticeable changes in your spiritual life, a growing desire for a closer relationship with Christ, a deep yearning to hear and understand the word of God, overflowing supernatural graces, deepening roots of faith, multiplication of spiritual fruits.

Join NOW – To allow Farmer of Hearts to give you the maximum spiritual benefit possible. Upon registration, we will send you a confirmation email. Starting from Ash Wednesday, February 26, 2020, we will send you the daily reflections.

Invite your family, friends, and your faith-sharing groups to join you! Having companions on this journey will help us motivate one another as we strive to become Farmers of Hearts. To facilitate sharing throughout this journey, we have also set up a Facebook group where all participants are encouraged to join and share their reflections.