Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have signed up already. Why am I not getting emails?
If you are not getting our emails, there are two possibilities:
a. Your email address is not in the Farmer of Hearts email system
i. If you’ve never received the confirmation email, it means that you didn’t enter your email address correctly

b. Your email address is in the Farmer of Hearts email system. There are a few possible reasons why you are not seeing the emails:
i. If you are a Gmail user, Gmail possibly treat our emails as promotional emails and place it under the “Promotions” tab. Please look through different tabs/folders in your inbox.
ii. Your email might be regarded as spam by your email provider. Please look through the Junk Email inbox.
iii. We send out daily reflections once per day around 7:00 am to noon Hong Kong time. It is possible that we haven’t sent the email when you check your inbox.

2. How come I am not getting the reflection of day x?
We only send out daily reflections once per day at between 7:00 am – noon Hong Kong time.
3. I signed up after Ash Wednesday and didn’t receive the reflections of the first few days. Where can I find them?

Reflections for all days can be found at:

4. Why is the audio reflection in Cantonese only?

Due to limited human resources, we are in the process of producing Mandarin and English audio reflections. Please be patient and pray for our team.

5. What is Facebook Group? Am I required to join?

The “心田的農夫 Farmer of Hearts” Facebook group is created for participants who use Facebook. It provides a platform for retreatants to share their thoughts. The daily reflections are also posted in this group. It is a supplementary platform for collaboration. To join the group or not is totally up to you.

6. Can I receive the daily reflections through WhatsApp or other apps?

Farmer of Hearts only distribute daily reflections through emails, WhatsApp Community and the Facebook group. We don’t support distributing reflections through other apps or platforms.