Chaos in life is inevitable and inescapable. In this age of rapid changes and uncertainties, when we are flooded with information and burdened with our daily responsibilities, how can we not be worried by many things? How is it possible to cast aside our worldly cares and follow Jesus to choose the "better part"? During this Lent, based on the story of Jesus with Martha and Mary, let us reflect and ask the Holy Spirit for enlightenment to find order in chaos, rediscover the peace that was lost from distractions and busyness, and be kind to ourselves so that we can regain confidence as we face the world.

【Lent 40-Day Retreat Farmer of Hearts — Finding Order in Chaos 】

✝️Are you depressed as you witness all the troubling situations unfolding around the world?
✝️Are you like Martha, anxious and troubled about many things, and finding yourself helpless and discouraged by the situation?
✝️Is your life filled with distractions that you have lost purpose and priorities in life?
✝️Are you suffering from burnout as you serve others and the Church?
✝️"I can’t find enough time to balance between praying and serving (being vs. doing)…" Is it you? Are you yearning for a more balanced life ?

If you are struggling with the above, you are not alone! All of us are Martha and Mary, so we are companions. Let us offer this Lent to the Lord and give Him permission to lead us through this maze of life as we strive to serve Him.

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”
John 10:10

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