Day 5 (Mar 2)
– What are the seeds?

Day 5 (Mar 2)
What are the seeds?

On the Cross, Jesus said, “I thirst.”

“Keep in mind that Jesus Himself, in person, is the seed sown. Jesus is the Logos that wants to take root in us.”

Bishop Robert Barron

What are the seeds?

All of us know the seeds are God's Word. If we only stay at that level, it will become impersonal. Jesus Himself is the Word Incarnate that dwells among us. The deepest yearning of our hearts, the quest for truth and deeper meaning of our life, are the seeds that God has planted in each one of us. A thirst He planted in us to return to Him. It is like the image of God imprinted in the depth of our souls.

The magic moment, the germination of the seed in our souls, begins when we come to the Holy Cross to join Mother Mary and John to quench the thirst of Jesus when He exclaims “I thirst!” It is when we finally realize what He means is in fact His deep thirst for our love. We are His greatest consolation! We are His everything!

The ultimate intimacy with Jesus is when the thirst of Christ for our love meets our thirst for His love.


Do I allow myself to turn a blind eye to the quest of Christ for my love, or to reject His love for me?

Am I courageous enough to be like Mother Mary to remain at the foot of the Cross the moment I realize that the only reason for Jesus to be crucified is to bear the heavy burden of my sins?


Dear Lord, thank you for your gentleness as you wait for me to respond to your need – your thirst for my love. I am sorry for abandoning you as you suffer immensely on the Cross all because of me. Grant me a renewed heart to never forsake you!

Lord, as my response to your invitation, I desire to spend time today to come before the crucifix to contemplate and to deeply connect with you as you gently speak to me,”I thirst!”.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.