In the previous days of this retreat, we have repeatedly emphasized the importance of meeting God, who is waiting for us in the wilderness, to quench our spiritual thirst. In fact, this crucial encounter is a turning point in our lives, and even the starting point of our lives.

Any valuable object, such as a valuable violin displayed in an antique shop, is just a decorative item that is collecting dust if no one appreciates it.  A discerning antique buyer would cherish and purchase this violin at a high price, carefully preserving it for appreciation and then selling it for profit. However, if this violin “met” a master violinist, the master would not hesitate to buy the violin with all his savings and then carefully clean it, polish it and tune it, restoring it to its former glory and making it shine on stage under the master’s superb performance!

You are like the violin that is abandoned in the corner of a run-down antique shop. You have suffered the hardships of life and the ravages of time, gradually forgetting your own value, your former brilliance, losing your spirit and hope, giving up on yourself and letting your life slip away, losing your purpose and meaning of existence, and only hoping to live one day at a time.

Jesus Christ is the master violinist who searches for the lost violin, which is you. He does not hesitate to use His life savings, which is His life, as ransom in exchange for your new life in Him.

But Jesus does not want to see you just being displayed in a museum.

He wants you to rediscover your true value, let go of all the burdens of the past, and regain your confidence. He wants you to put yourself in the Master’s hands, so that you can come alive and recognize the meaning that you have been given since the beginning of creation, and restore the splendid radiance when you were created, and put this light of yours on the lampstand to shine on all nations!

Are you willing to wake up today? Are you willing to let Jesus redeem your life, bandage and heal your wounds, and inject new life into you, so that you can start a new chapter in your life? Are you also willing to help other brothers and sisters who are lost to establish a new relationship with Jesus Christ and start a new life?

Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, am I really worth this much that You use Your life to redeem mine? I believe that only You could see the true value of my life! Help me, Lord, to appreciate myself through Your eyes, and let myself be appreciated by You. Please work miracles in me once again! Lord Jesus, do not let me give up on myself or You ever again!

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