Yesterday, we talked about the “perfect father-son team.” Does it resonate with you in any way? Do you think that this perfect team could only describe the relationship between the Heavenly Father and His Son? The truth is that our Heavenly Father also desires to establish this kind of close relationship with us, His children, as He has with His Son. This is the deepest longing from the bottom of His heart! Jesus has demonstrated the perfect relationship and the mode of cooperation that He has with God the Father through His words and actions on earth. Jesus has also longed for all His disciples to establish the same close relationship as He does with the Heavenly Father. The cooperation itself is secondary; yet establishing the relationship is the most important and it is the foundation for everything else!

Just as Heavenly Father worked through His Son Incarnate, Jesus Christ, to do His work on earth, He also wants us to continue Jesus’ work of spreading His love and salvation to all nations.

We can see how Jesus revealed the Heavenly Father’s will through His words and deeds.

It is also our responsibility to let the Heavenly Father’s will and image be manifested through our words and deeds.

In yesterday’s Gospel (John 5:17-30), we clearly see that the Heavenly Father never stops working.

In fact, He wants to complete His salvific plan through cooperating with Jesus and us. So each and every one of us can and has the responsibility to advance the work of salvation and bring it to fruition.

Our Heavenly Father’s plan is for each of us to be part of it, to be saved, and to participate in the work of saving others. But at the basis of all these is the loving relationship between the Father and the Son, and also between the Heavenly Father and each one of us! In our Heavenly Father’s eyes, none of us can be left out!

So, in addition to showing His Son what to do, Heavenly Father also shows, entrusts and commissions us to complete the mission He has specially chosen for us, together with Him.

Not only are we the beloved children of our Heavenly Father, but also the perfect partners of His work. How blessed we are!

We are the reason why the perfect Father-Son Team has been working tirelessly to bring us His love. Today, to whom does the Heavenly Father want to cooperate with you to bring His love?

Today’s Prayer

Dear Abba Father, thank You for showing me the perfect father-son team and teaching me how to trust You completely, just as Jesus has trusted You completely. Heavenly Father, I am amazed how much You have trusted me! Please help me realize how important I am to You. I am not only Your beloved child but also Your perfect partner in the work of salvation.

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