Are you feeling weary? Are you tired of your seemingly endless wandering in the wilderness and now longing for a resting place?

The Father always awaits your homecoming with His Heart wide open: A heart that forgives, a heart that rejoices just to be with you, a heart that you can find rest and hope, a heart that longs to unite all to Him…

This Lent, would you respond to the Father's invitation to come home to Him, to rediscover His Heart, and to rediscover who you are in His merciful gaze, and let your forgone identity be restored?

Welcome Home!

This 40-Day Lenten Retreat is a Homecoming Journey to the Father's Heart —— where we allow Jesus to reveal His Father to us, to prepare us for this trip to come home, and to make steps to reconcile with this loving Father, and those whom He loves.

Let us spend 10 minutes each day during this Lenten Season, to experience God and to farm our own hearts in a reflective way.

Last year Fountain of Love and Life held a Lenten online retreat “Farmer of Hearts” and an Advent online retreat “Welcoming Jesus into Our Hearts”, which were well-received.

Lent is just around the corner. This year, Fountain of Love and Life has prepared a brand new Lenten online retreat “Farmer of Hearts: Our Journey Home” for you. We hope to accompany you as you prepare for Easter during the pandemic.

The theme of the retreat is Our Journey Home, based on the Parable of the Lost Son.
May Jesus Christ and His word lead us back to the Father's Heart.

Not a time-consuming exercise – You will spend only 10 minutes a day to do a very simple but enlightening daily reflection.

Written content will be available in traditional and simplified Chinese and English. Audio guides will be available in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

If you had been receiving our past Lent and Advent online retreat content through email, you do not have to register again. If you had not been receiving our online retreat content through email, or if you have discontinued your subscription, please register again so that you will receive the retreat content in a daily email.

To allow Farmer of Hearts to give you the maximum spiritual benefit possible. Upon registration, we will send you a confirmation email. Starting from Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021, we will send you the daily reflections (Monday to Saturday).

You are invited to join the Facebook group where all participants are encouraged to join and share their reflections. Followed group.