The chaos in our individual life, family, society, and even the entire human history are intricately connected to our sinful nature; at the top of the list is our “pride”. Our human condition and struggles due to pride began with Adam and Eve, and continue to the end of time.

A renowned theologian, Hans Urs von Balthasar, suggested that there are two different dramas we can live out in life: an “ego-drama” or a “theo-drama”. As the term suggests,

“ego-drama” regards the self as the “lead actor”; it is the drama that I’m writing, producing, directing and starring in.  In this drama, everything revolves around the “self” and all benefits are directed to the “self”; our honour and shame, and success and failure are all about the “self”. Contrarily, the story of a “theo-drama” is God-centred in which the plot is driven by God’s divine plan, and all the actors are chosen and invited by God. Since God wants the maximum number of people to participate, the plot development is distinct from that of the “ego-drama”. In this plot, both the benefit for individuals and the greater good are considered.

The entire story progresses with harmony, collaboration, and a concern for the benefits of all. This stands in stark contrast to the “ego-drama” that is characterized by confrontation, competition, and egotism.

When we only dwell in an “ego-drama”, we easily fall victim to emotional turmoil resulting from our obsession with individual accomplishment and honour and shame. When we encounter obstacles or challenges in life, we become worried, discouraged, angry, and even depressed. On the contrary, when we live in a “theo-drama”, our life feels easy and burden-free because we are no longer playing the lead role; thus, we don’t need to worry about success or failure.

All we need is to accept God’s invitation to play the role assigned by God wholeheartedly; nothing more and nothing less. This allows each individual to become a part of the whole, seamlessly working with other actors, sharing the responsibilities as well as all honour and shame; thus, each offering their very best to this “theo-drama”.

Indeed, God’s will and vision is that we live with one another in harmony and to make the communion and collaboration within Christ’s mystical body, and God’s kingdom on earth, a reality.

This is the solution to the chaos and disasters brought on by our “pride”, and the remedy to the spread of the mental “epidemic”. It can improve relationships among individuals, communities, ethnicities, and countries; resolve divisions and stop wars. This sounds idealistic; however, if we begin with ourselves, shifting our thoughts and attitudes away from self-centredness to following Christ’s spirit of sacrificing oneself for others, we will be able to mend all relationships, one at a time.

This can be likened to the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday which begins in darkness; however, light begins to spread from one single candle, the lighting of the Easter candle. From this single candle, the fire is being passed on from one person to the next. In the blink of an eye, the church turns from complete darkness to being illuminated by the candle in everyone’s hand. What a fantastic image!  When we feel discouraged or grieved due to the conditions of our personal life, our family, society, and the world, let us always remember this image.

Any positive change begins with one person and one idea. As long as we remain steadfast with Christ’s spirit, remain faithful to our call, and persevere in all we do, with the help of our faithful God, nothing is impossible!

This is our collective vision; our hope of salvation and resurrection granted by God!  This conviction will bring about a new order, one that has been established by God since creation. The order has been squandered and lost due to our sins, but our hope for a new order has been reignited through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 


However, this cannot be accomplished without our cooperation. The departure of Jesus raises the curtain for “the epoch of the Holy Spirit” in the “theo-drama”. Just as the power of the Holy Spirit is revealed in the creation of the world, the same Spirit moves us to accomplish the Father’s work instead of our own;

not to be self-centred but deems Jesus Christ as the centre of all creation; making His teachings of “Christian spirit” the fire on the Easter candle, and through our new roles in the “theo-drama”, the light of “Christian spirit” can be carried forward until it reaches the ends of the world!

The turning point of all holy men and women throughout history is often their realization of an imminent unhappy ending if they continue to direct and act in their own “ego-drama”. Therefore, when they accept God’s invitation and gradually discover their new roles in the “theo-drama”, with pleasure and great excitement, they abandon their self-determined role, and without hesitation, dive right into the new role assigned by God and begin to discover other companions on the journey! 

Let us follow the examples of all the holy men and women, exchanging our solitary “self” for a true “communion in a community”, standing by the main lead actor, Jesus Christ who sits at the right hand of the Father and who intercedes and cheers for us and the entire cast every day unceasingly until the end of time. Amen!


Have you noticed that you may be living in the “ego-drama”, discussed in today’s reflection, and that you only seek your own needs and success?  What have you given up for these?

Are you willing to lay down the “ego-drama” and accept God’s invitation to play a new role in the “theo-drama”?  Why or why not?

Now, submit to the help of the Holy Spirit, and commit to rid yourself of the bondage of “pride”. From now on, seek what pleases God and dive into the “theo-drama” wholeheartedly.

Today’s Prayer

My God, who created and nourished me, my eyes are blinded by my pride and as a result, I have been wandering further and further away from You. However, You never abandon me; on the contrary, You patiently bear with me and use many different ways to lead me back to You; You awaken me from the “ego-drama”; tell me to reject my old self so that I may put on the new role in Your story. Together with other sisters and brothers who are invited by You, we dive into the role that You have created for each one of us, and continue the plot that began with Mary and the holy men and women. Grant me strength and a heart full of humility so that I may humbly accept the mission that comes with my role, in order to repay Your love for me. For this I pray, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

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