Have you ever wondered why Jesus entered the wilderness and fasted for forty days and forty nights, and then faced temptation from the devil? What was Jesus’ state of mind when He entered the wilderness?

Jesus’ entry into the wilderness demonstrated His determination to follow the will of His Father, to redeem the world He loved in complete obedience to the Father’s way. We must understand that this way contradicted Jesus’ humanity. He assumed the role of a servant of God, taking a path of extreme pain, being rejected and humiliated, a path that no earthly king would voluntarily choose! Was the Son of God being obedient without any choices? Was it an expression of foolish filial piety from the Son of God?

Jesus Christ is the perfect reflection of the Heavenly Father. If Jesus Christ did not love us as deeply as His Heavenly Father, there was nothing to compel or force Him to make such a choice!

Every step Jesus took revealed His intention and heart. Can you imagine what it was like to live in the wilderness for forty days and nights? And He chose to have a complete fast! Was it really necessary for the Son of God to do this? Of course not! But this fully reveals Jesus’ determination to love. I believe you have also made sacrifices before for those whom you loved!

Jesus’ choice fully revealed God’s desire to experience human sufferings in the human form and with human weaknesses. In fact, this is the very reason why Jesus became man: to live among us, to accompany and redeem each one of us whom He deeply loves.

Jesus’ Passion began when He chose to enter the wilderness and face temptation from the devil. Jesus’ mission was not easy. In just three short years, He had to call disciples, teach and preach, institute the church, and ultimately enter His Passion to die for us on the cross.

To accomplish so much, Jesus could not afford to waste any time! Without complete focus, He would not have been able to complete the mission that the Father had entrusted to Him in just three years.

Choosing to enter the wilderness not only revealed Jesus’ determination to follow the Father’s will, but also showed His seriousness about this mission of love and salvation! Therefore, He treated the mission  entrusted to Him by the Father with utmost seriousness and prepared Himself rigorously by spending forty days and forty nights with the Father, attentively listening to the instructions given to Him, setting aside His personal aspirations and desires, and focusing on completing the tasks entrusted to Him by the Father.

If Jesus, as the Son of God, took us so seriously, what about you? Have you taken the mission which was entrusted to you by the Father seriously?

Today’s Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, how can I repay Your love? For my sake, You made such a serious and humble decision to follow a path of humiliation to enter Your Passion. Please teach me to follow You closely, to imitate You, and to take seriously the personal mission entrusted to me by the Father in order to make me whole. 

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