No one has ever truly understood you in your entire life – the pains and sufferings you have experienced, the heavy burdens you carry, the many difficulties you face, the sense of helplessness you feel – who could possibly understand?

All that you have done in your life, your aspirations, your pursuits, and… the stories, reasons, and struggles behind them – who would know, to whom can you confide all these?

The traumas you have experienced in the past, the mistakes you have made, the people you have hurt, the people and things you have been avoiding,… thoughts that have been constantly haunting you forced you to run away and hide – the feeling of helplessness engulfs you, making it unbearable…

You have been carrying all these heavy crosses on your own. Is there anyone who can share your burden, and empathize with your situation? Does this person exist? Where? Why is that even the person closest to you doesn’t seem to understand?

The unbearable burdens in our lives, the scars left from the past wounds, the history that cannot be rewritten, and the seemingly hopeless future all make us unable to face the reality and the truth. Instead we constantly try to distract ourselves with things external, in order to numb our emotional pains, to make life a little easier, and to make us feel better.

All these scars in your life leave indelible marks on your heart and soul, making you unwilling to enter the closed chambers of your heart. The brokenness… and the voids… make life exceptionally hard for you, and you think to yourself: I just want to take one step at a time, live one day at a time, and enjoy life whenever possible. I really don’t want to think too much…

Is this really the way out? Deep down inside, you know that this is not the state you want to be in. You know you can do better…

If we cannot even face ourselves, face the reality, and face the God who created us, there can be no way out, let alone leading a meaningful life.

To lead a life without meaning is barely surviving. There is no life, no energy, and no hope in it.

Jesus is waiting for you in the locked inner chamber of your heart, in the wilderness, by the dry well, to soothe your pain, heal your wounds, restore your strength, and empower you to face yourself, God, others, and the future! He also longs to give you the living water of life, so that your heart will never go wanting.

Jesus knows everything about your past and all the grievances and sufferings you have endured.

Therefore, He does not want to judge you, but with His compassionate heart and as the merciful face of the Heavenly Father, He wants to release you from all bondages and bring true freedom to your life!

Today, when you go to “draw water” again for your life, invite Jesus, who has been waiting for you, to enter and water your dry and weary heart! And the best place to “draw water” is before the Holy Eucharist and during confession.

Today’s Prayer

Dear Jesus, I know my sins have offended You, but You have tolerated my offenses with Your merciful love. You have forgiven all the hurts I have inflicted on You! I know that You want me to forgive myself and others in order to set me free! But I am weak, please help me to act according to Your will what You desire to do unto me!

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