Yesterday, we brought up the concept of the “Five-Loaves-and-Two-Fishes Moments”, how God desires us to collaborate with Him and how He multiplies those contributions which may seem insignificant to us. Through our active participation,  God yearns to touch people’s hearts,  ease their burdens, and bring positive impacts to their lives through us.   You may also recall that today is the “Action Day” of the retreat.  We will first use a beautiful image to lighten up your spirit!

The Easter Vigil, celebrated on the night of Holy Saturday, is considered as the greatest and most noble of all solemnities in the liturgical year of the Church.  While the entire celebration is beautiful and meaningful, the most memorable part would be the Service of Light, also known as Lucernarium, at the beginning of the vigil! The lit paschal candle brought into the church represents our Lord Jesus Christ. It is the only light source at the beginning of the liturgy, symbolizing He is the light of the world and the source of the true light. The priest lights his candle from the flame of the paschal candle followed by the candles of the faithful, who spread it, until all candles are lit.

There had been darkness before Christ entered the world. The Service of Light symbolizes the true light of Christ breaking and dispelling the darkness of the world.

The candles in the hands of the faithful represent our baptism candles, and the light symbolizes the light we received from Christ at our baptism. The most astonishing thing about this liturgy is that the lighting of everyone’s candle from just the flame of the paschal candle only takes an instant. In just a few minutes, the whole church turns from pitch-dark to flooded by candlelight. Anyone who has ever participated in the Easter Vigil surely shares this vivid memory.

Darkness also represents the state of spiritual dryness of today’s world. The light brought to the world by our Lord Jesus Christ has to be spread by everyone of us.

Imagine how long it would take if all the candles were lit only by the priest! This is God’s way of doing things. He wills all of us to take part in His work of quenching the thirst and bringing light to the world.

During this season of Lent, you are invited to make this stunning scene of the Service of Light alive in our daily life. Instead of keeping it for ourselves within the Church, may this touching yet heartening experience be shared with all those who are loved by the Lord.

As you are invited by the priest to pass the candlelight onto the one next to you during the Service of Light, similarly, today, you are invited to ignite the people around you by your acts of love. Let’s start from those who are closest to you and the dearest to your heart, namely, your spouse, children, parents, siblings, and the like. No matter how your relationship with them is, do not underestimate the impact your words and actions would have on them.

Heavenly Father, please reveal to me, onto which one(s) of the family members You will that I pass the light of Christ.

Today’s Prayer

Abba, Father, instead of using my way, please teach me to use Your way and Your heart to touch the heart of this family member whom You have revealed to me. Heavenly Father, please grant me the courage I need and accompany me when I take this important step.

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