Day 1 – Await In Joyful Hope




This is the second Lenten Season in an unprecedented global pandemic. This pandemic has disrupted our lives while awakening us in the process. As we continue to till the soil of our hearts, let us examine the wisdom of the Church’s liturgical calendar. Basically, why Lent, and how is it related to our spiritual life and growth?

Advent and Lent are the seasons of preparation, symbolized by the colour “purple”; Christmas and Easter the seasons of celebration, symbolized by “white”; and Ordinary Time the season of growth, symbolized by “green”.

As we look back at the theme of the Parable of the Sowers of our last Lenten Retreat, we come to appreciate more this rhythm of life — to prepare, to grow, and to celebrate. The more important part that requires so much of our attention is TO PREPARE.

“Preparation” is what we are called to do now during Lent. And preparation requires WAITING, a lot of it, which is not a popular concept especially in this fast-paced world. But if we dig deeper, it is not hard for us to realize that all good and lasting things require much waiting. When we were children, we used to save money to buy something we longed for; and that waiting heightened that joyful anticipation and made the purchased item more treasurable in our eyes.

This Lent, as we contemplate on The Parable of the Lost Son, also more well-known as the “Prodigal Son”, we will come to learn more about the beauty of waiting, our true identity, and to experience the Father’s Heart and the joy of joining the circle of celebration of our own rebirth in the Father’s House.

If you, like many, are dreadful about Lent because of the many rules and restrictions like fasting, penance, offering sacrifices, etc., please treat all these as shortcuts to acquiring the virtue of patience. Tilling the soil, watering and fertilizing, and all the labours in the field require lots of hardwork and perseverance, and oftentimes take the longest time in the grand scheme of things. As the late US President Theodore Roosevelt put it: “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Patience pays off at the end in the season of the harvest, as we celebrate together in God’s presence! This Lent, let us learn to Await in Joyful Hope as we journey with our Lord from His Passion, to His Death, and His glorious Resurrection.


In your life, is WAITING your enemy or your friend? Do you have the openness to embrace a waiting attitude into your life?

Have you ever experienced fruitfulness as a result of your patience?


Dear Lord, thank you for accepting me as I am, a sinful and broken child of yours. It is You who have shown the greatest patience to me, and yet, it is me who have shown the most impatience to you and others. Help me, Lord, to practice the virtue of patience during this Lent, as I learn to follow your merciful path. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

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