As you begin this Lenten Retreat, we hope to remind you to slow down, to soak in, and allow room to listen to God attentively. Give Him the exclusive right and privilege to enter into your heart. Don't rush through the reflection materials. They are meant to be munched thoroughly for better digestion and assimilation. It is the same for God's Word. We need to read, to reflect, and to listen. If you haven’t done so, now is the time to slowly read through the Parable of the Sower again (Matthew 13:3-23).

Take a full 10 minutes to sink in! And please be assured of our prayers for you and know that thousands of farmers (of hearts) around the world are your companions on this special spiritual Lenten journey. A journey that you will never forget.

Please take time to set up some goals for this Lent, and be prepared and determined to make concrete changes in your life to realize those goals.

We strongly encourage you to use a journal to take notes and document your growth along the way. Seeing yourself as a seed growing up under God's love and protection.

Please be advised that the reflections come in two formats: written and audio. You are encouraged to use both formats for your daily reflection. Cantonese version is available while Mandarin and English versions will come soon! Please pray for the Farmer of Hearts Team, and for all the fellow farmers around the world! God bless!

Now please enjoy the journey!