Day 20 – Spiritual Warfare




Whether we like it or not, we are engaged in spiritual warfare. It is also a necessary path through which we sanctify ourselves and others. It is how we can put our faith to test and to practice, and so it becomes a gateway to heaven —— back to the Father's House.

However, Satan does not want us to know that we are at war with it. Satan wants us to believe that everything is fine, and nothing is urgent. Satan camouflages as our friend and companion on this earthly pilgrimage. Nothing is more dangerous than to befriend our enemy. This fallen angel uses every means to trick us into thinking that nothing is more urgent than enjoying and advancing in life.

Yet, those are not the essential conditions to lead us back home! We must then ask ourselves: what are we doing now? This is indeed a thought-provoking question we always need to ask ourselves!

Let us first start with understanding the strengths of this common enemy of ours. This is crucial if we can get ahead in this warfare! We can see that Satan is very hardworking. And while it wants to weaken our discipline, Satan itself is highly disciplined because it knows what it takes to win! Most importantly, Satan is very serious about its mission, and it lets nothing deter it from advancing its mission!

Besides, Satan has done its homework well. The Devil knows the Father and His Heart better than we do. That is why it can still strike the Father's Heart despite the power disparity! We are way behind Satan in our knowledge of the Father and His Heart! And it is not hard to find proofs from the Bible. Ironically, we are God's children, and Satan is God's enemy! Satan's edge in this battle is that it has mastered the identity of Heavenly Father and its own identity, and also understands the characteristics of each of us. As such, Satan is very successful in cheating us and manipulating us to fall into its traps, and in particular, in leaving God's army to join the Devil's camp. Everything is done in secret without our knowing!

Are we aware of our role in this battle? We are the soldiers in this spiritual warfare! But we need to belong to the right league, which is God's and not Satan's.

Otherwise, we mistakenly team up with the Devil to fight against the God who created us and loves us most. As members of the army, we must be clear about our role and the One who gives orders —— Jesus Christ —— the commander-in-chief who has already won the battle against Satan, and will help us defeat Satan in our lives. If we want to know our identity, we must get to know our commander-in-chief. This commander-in-chief not only obeyed the Father's will, but He also revealed to us the face of His Father, allowing us to know His Heart. Knowing the Father and His Heart enables us to recognize our true identity.

All of these are the main factors for our victory in this spiritual warfare and a smooth return to our Father's House. In this spiritual battle, we must know our identities and stick to our posts, and must not become traitors by teaming up with the devil to betray our God. You may ask: "How would I betray God?"

In fact, when our lives are undisciplined, we are at the mercy of the devil. We are giving the devil the opportunity to attack our heavenly Father. We end up taking part in the scene of "Judas betraying Jesus". Are we really willing to be devil's pawns?

That is why we put so much emphasis on learning about the devil's plot in this Lenten retreat. That also explains why Jesus was led by the Spirit into the desert to be tempted by the devil for forty days before His public ministry. When we understand the tactics of the devil, we will remain vigilant in fighting a good fight with Jesus and the Holy Spirit, winning as many souls for God as possible to share in the eternal joy.


Do you focus on personal ambitions or missions from God?

Do you believe that you are engaged in a spiritual warfare? Do you see Satan as your enemy?

Do you feel the urgency to join the army of Christ?


Dear Abba Father, thank you for letting me see more clearly the face of Satan and its tactics. I have never imagined that the battle between the devil and me is so real. Many times I have fallen into its traps by focusing my attention on my personal ambitions. I am sorry that I have let my blindness lead me astray. Lord, do not allow my heart to be hardened. I want to listen to Your voice! Let me bow down in worship, let me kneel before You, Lord, my Creator and my Shepherd! (Psalm 95)

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

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